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woman in a gym experiencing exercise pain

Exercise Pain & Prevention

By Dr. Jason Crist | October 2, 2016

Making exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle is essential to overall wellness. It’s also easy to overdo it. Whether you’re new to fitness, or you work as a professional athlete, accidents happen. Exercise pain does more than derail workout plans — injuries also prevent you from living an enjoyable,…

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Business woman with back pain sitting in chair in need of decompression therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Be an Effective Alternative to Back Surgery

By Dr. Jason Crist | September 20, 2016

Join us this Pain Awareness Month in learning more about spinal decompression therapy. Crist Chiropractic and Wellness is educating patients, this September, about the benefits of spinal decompression therapy for treatment of sciatica and disc related injuries such as disc degeneration or bulge. Dr. Brendan Wright, of Crist Chiropractic, credits spinal decompression…

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Are Your Children’s Backpacks Causing Spinal Misalignment?

By Dr. Jason Crist | August 17, 2016

“Oh, my aching back” is usually something you hear an adult say, who then attribute it to old age or too much sitting or lifting. Parents, unfortunately, are hearing their children utter similar phrases more frequently and wondering why a school-aged child’s back would hurt. If you’ve ever picked up…

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A Franklin,TN Chiropractor Explains Text Neck

By Dr. Jason Crist | August 10, 2016

Nearly everyone has a smartphone or mobile device these days, and while there is some merit to this technology by keeping us more connected – at least virtually – it is wreaking havoc on our bodies. When you look at the posture that people assume when texting, reading email, or…

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Woman with hands holding her waist because of lower back pain in her sacroilliac joint.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain Relief from a Franklin,TN Chiropractor

By Dr. Jason Crist | July 25, 2016

How can a body part you have probably never heard of hurt so BAD? This is a common question we hear from individuals suffering from sacroiliac joint pain. The joint is formed by the sacrum and the ilium where they meet on either side of the lower back, with the…

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A Franklin,TN Chiropractor Describes Whiplash Care

By Dr. Jason Crist | July 11, 2016

Our neck is a busy body part. It holds up and turns our head, allowing us to see, hear, and speak in the direction we choose. Although the neck is a real “team player” it’s a bit of a diva, meaning it’s fairly delicate. There are many ways everyday motion…

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Fireworks Can Be a Pain In The Neck…

By Dr. Jason Crist | July 5, 2016

Coming back from a great Fourth of July weekend, you may be experiencing some unexplained neck pain. This neck pain may have been caused by looking up for a long period of time at a firework display over the weekend. This constant upward looking can irritate and compress the joints…

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Feeling Bound and Want Independence?

By Dr. Jason Crist | June 27, 2016

This year we’re proud to partner with the Franklin Lions Club to help celebrate the annual “Franklin on the Fourth”Independence Day event. To help more people experience “Freedom from Pain,” during the week of June 27-July 1, Crist Chiropractic & Wellness will donate all proceeds collected from new patient services…

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Medical Errors-3rd Leading Cause of Death!

By Dr. Jason Crist | May 10, 2016

If you haven’t heard about this shocking study by now, you will probably be seeing it broadcast soon. Although I was aware that medical errors were a big concern pertaining to patient safety, I wasn’t aware that it was such a severe problem. We have all heard stories about hospital horror…

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Introducing Dr. Brendan Wright!

By Dr. Jason Crist | April 29, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Crist Chiropractic & Wellness team.   As a way of welcoming him, any patient who schedules with Dr. Wright this week April 25-29 will receive $25 off of your office visit.  Dr. Wright will be available to see patients Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm.  Please feel…

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