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When it comes to getting your body healthy and keeping it that way, chiropractic care has much to offer. Our Franklin chiropractic clinic provides each patient with a unique wellness program that gets the body fully functioning, optimized, and ready to perform and support you.

We know you don’t want to be in our clinic more than necessary; the goal is to get you well and help you maintain your good results. Who wouldn’t want to live in comfort and have the tools necessary to keep you active, enjoying the things you love, and having the quality of life you deserve?

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What is Our Health Guidance Program?

Our team has advanced knowledge regarding health and wellness. Using comprehensive, natural, and non-invasive services, we can enhance and empower your body.

We understand that getting pain-free is the ultimate result, but getting there means we need to uncover the injury, mend it, and give you guidance that helps keep re-injury from occurring.

Our Health Guidance Program provides patients with insight and education on living life with a strong body that they can rely on.


You’ll receive:

  • An individualized chiropractic plan based on your needs, goals, and abilities
  • Education on proper stretching and exercising
  • Preventative care advice
  • Sleep support, inclusive of sleep positions, pillows, and mattresses
  • Insight regarding ergonomics, posture, and workstation setup
  • Diet, nutrition, vitamin, and supplement guidance
  • Stress reduction methods
  • Ongoing support from our staff
  • And more

We value health care over sick care and know that staying strong and healthy is the best way to ensure your body, mind, and spirit can fully support you.


You will get invaluable life-changing recommendations from our experienced team, as well as:

  • A book all about healing and staying healthy
  • Educational emails
  • How-to video tutorials
  • And more


We cover all aspects of healing and take an overall look at how your body heals and supports you so you get the best possible outcome while involved with our Health Guidance Program.

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Realign Your Body and Find Balance with Chiropractic Care

When you allow the body to heal itself, you’re promoting safe, organic recovery- a process that works with the body, not against it. Chiropractic delivers lasting and real results because its methods garner strengthening of the soft tissues and joints that we depend on regularly.

When we’re in pain, it’s difficult to focus, making work, social and family obligations, and physical activity difficult. This can lead to mental anguish, financial stress, even depression. We’re here to get you back to living a life you enjoy, pain-free, and confident.

In addition to our Health Guidance Program, we offer other chiropractic solutions, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustments- a manual thrust to a targeted affected area, realigning and restoring function
  • Spinal decompression therapy- methods that relieve tension and pressure between vertebrae, reducing muscle spasms and pain
  • Soft tissue therapies- promoting healing and circulation to decrease inflammation and scarring that causes pain and reduces motion
  • ArthroStim- a handheld instrument that performs adjustments, delivering 12-14 thrusts per second, making it stronger and faster than a typical manual thrust


Utilizing a comprehensive approach to your treatment plan offers a faster and safer recovery. We’ll determine the best techniques for you and discuss our intention so you feel comfortable with your specially designed program.


Don’t wait another day to live in comfort.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care & Our Health Guidance Program 

Chiropractic offers numerous physical and mental benefits that allow your body to sustain and support you. Combining our techniques with a Health Guidance Program gives you the means to stay healthy and encourages a strong, active body. 


Some benefits of chiropractic care include:


Decrease Joint Pressure

Most of us use our joints continuously throughout the average day. Even those who are inactive put pressure on the body’s bones and soft tissues. Chiropractic can ensure the spine and other areas are safe with gentle adjustments that realign and balance impairments, decreasing pressure on and around the joints. 


Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to injury; it serves to protect you from further damage. However, we often put our bodies at risk without realizing it. This usually happens due to poor posture, improper movement patterns, or habitual irregular motions, all leading to chronic inflammation. We can help your body find correct posture and movements and rid you of pain-inducing inflammation quickly and safely. 


Relieve Pain

Whether you have acute or chronic pain, chiropractic care has solutions. We work with patients who have different kinds of conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, and we’ve seen our organic, holistic approach help them find secure function, restored flexibility and alignment, and decreased inflammation, often immediately relieving discomfort. 


Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced movement patterns
  • More comfort and flexibility
  • Better sleep quality
  • Enhanced focus
  • Increased productivity
  • Stronger and healthier joints and soft tissues
  • Mental stress management 
  • More energy
  • Improved nutrition 
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • And many others

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