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Pain from a stressful and competitive lifestyle can interfere with your daily activities. But it doesn’t have to.

Our chiropractic treatments focus on alleviating the cause of your discomfort rather than masking your symptoms with medication that may cause side effects.

We utilize chiropractic adjustments and other forms of safe, non-invasive therapies, including spinal decompression, to facilitate your body's natural healing so that you can live a pain-free life. Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

Our Chiropractic Services

Understanding the complexity of the musculoskeletal system allows us to provide techniques that provide overall balance and well-being. We know that for you to thrive, you need comfort. When we’re in physical discomfort, mental and emotional distress isn’t far behind.

Our team works hand-in-hand with you to determine the best treatment for your unique needs. We often incorporate several services to encourage a faster recovery.


Some of our chiropractic solutions include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments - a manual treatment that involves a swift, steady thrust to a damaged or misaligned joint, quickly managing pain and increasing range of motion, flexibility, and movement
  • ArthroStim - a handheld device that accomplishes safe, highly targeted adjustments, delivering 12-14 thrusts per second, restoring soft tissue restrictions, and improving motion and comfort
  • Spinal decompression therapy - methods that alleviate tension and pressure between the spine’s vertebrae, often immediately reducing discomfort
  • Soft tissue therapies - techniques that manage affected soft tissues and restore function and comfort
  • Corrective exercise and stretching solutions designed around your goals and abilities
  • Health Guidance Program - a uniquely prepared plan centered around your goals, helping you live a healthy, active lifestyle

Conditions We Commonly Treat

We’re proud to be relied upon and trusted by our Franklin community for their health. Our staff enjoys partnering with those of all ages and abilities, taking on each challenge with positivity and respect.

Your health matters to us, and we’re devoted to your success. From chronic injuries to traumatic accidents to poor posture, we’re here to guide you, get your pain under control, and give you the resources to live actively, comfortably, and functioning at your best.


Some conditions we treat include:

Meet Your Franklin Chiropractor Team

Chiropractor Dr. Crist

Dr. Jason Crist

Doctor of Chiropractic

A Minnesota native, Dr. Jason Crist, first discovered chiropractic as a teenager. While training to win a natural bodybuilding competition, he suffered an injury and was told that he needed back surgery. In an effort to avoid an invasive procedure as well as a lengthy, painful recovery, he sought chiropractic care. Through this life-changing decision, he not only avoided surgery and received complete healing, but he also discovered his passion for natural, holistic care. He then went on to study at Northwestern College of Chiropractic, where he completed his Bachelor of Science as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

After graduation in 1995, Dr. Crist traveled to Tennessee and found his home in Franklin, where he set up his practice in Cool Springs in 1999. Throughout this time in practice, his passion for helping others feel better naturally has continued to grow.

"It's an amazing thing to watch the body heal itself. Our bodies were designed for conservative care. The interest in not resorting to drugs and surgery for treatment of one’s spinal pain has increased for many. With conservative care along with modern treatment technologies, our results have never been better.  We are pleased to have an extremely high patient treatment success rate."

Dr. Crist lives a successful, fulfilled life both professionally and personally. In 2011, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association (TCA) awarded Dr. Jason Crist of Franklin, Tennessee, with one of the association’s highest honors, "Chiropractor of the Year.” He lives in Brentwood with his wife, Michelle, and in 2016 their son Connor was born. Though he still enjoys lifting weights, his workouts have changed a bit since competing to now include yoga and more functional training. Dr. Crist continually improves his diet and lifestyle to improve the health of himself as well as his patients.

Marigrace Hewitt front Desk Coordinator Chiropractic Assistant

Marigrace Hewitt

Front Desk Coordinator

Chiropractic Assistant

A diehard southerner and Georgia Peach – Go Dawgs!– Marigrace moved to Nashville from Atlanta in 1993, where she met and married her husband. She worked as a pre-K teacher for nearly 15 years while raising her three beautiful girls. As her family grew and changed, she became more and more conscious of her family’s health and wellness. That desire for a healthy family is what led her to Crist Chiropractic. She loves seeing the victories people experience, as well as leading a life of great health.

When not assisting patients in the office, Marigrace enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, and antiquing.


Austin Carson

Office Manager

Billing Specialist

When Austin moved to the Nashville area in 2016, he began his career in the field of chiropractic. After seeing the life-changing benefits that chiropractic offers, he and his wife started care at the office. He began to see so many changes in their health that he became a believer in chiropractic and started having his daughter adjusted as well!

Austin had such a great experience with his own care while helping aid in others’ lives being changed daily. Seeing people come in with pain and leave being able to do the things they love brings so much joy to his life!

Brad Pfister - Patient Care Coordinator , Chiropractic Assistant

Brad Pfister

Patient Care Coordinator

Chiropractic Assistant

Brad is a former member of the U.S. Air Force and a prior Firefighter/EMT. He has a B.S. in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management. After an old military injury was aggravated in the fire service, he began seeking ways to avoid pain medications and take a more “whole body” approach to health. That eventually led him to Dr. Crist’s team, where he is now a patient care coordinator.

In his free time, Brad enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three children, hiking, fishing, hunting, and building just about anything that comes to mind.

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