Tension Headache Relief

Studies show that chiropractic adjustments are an effective treatment for tension headaches. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. They can cause mild, moderate, or intense pain in your head, neck, and behind your eyes. These headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck regions that can be treated with chiropractic care. The most common cause of tension headaches are subluxations in the upper back and neck, especially the upper neck.

Each patient is a special case, as these tension headaches can be brought on from different reasons. They require a thorough evaluation before proper chiropractic care can be determined. However, in most tension headache cases, significant improvement is accomplished through manipulation of the upper two cervical vertebrae, coupled with adjustments to the junction between the cervical and thoracic spine.

Visiting your chiropractor for treatment of a tension headache can be your best option for immediate pain relief. Some patients enjoy results quickly while others may notice a slow decline in their symptoms after several weeks of chiropractic care. If you have been suffering from chronic headaches for many years, improvement can take time. Repeated visits to your chiropractor will help ensure that you are retraining and strengthening your muscles that support your spine for overall health.

It is possible to alleviate the pain of a tension headache without using over-the-counter painkillers. To ease the pain at home, you can try some of the following:

  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the source of the pain
  • Gently massage the back of the neck to help reduce stress and discomfort
  • Avoid bright lights and loud noises
  • Apply heat to the shoulders or neck to help relax the muscles from stress and tension

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