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Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Be an Effective Alternative to Back Surgery

Join us this Pain Awareness Month in learning more about spinal decompression.

Crist Chiropractic and Wellness is educating patients, this September, about the benefits of spinal decompression therapy for treatment of sciatica and disc related injuries such as disc degeneration or bulge. Dr. Brendan Wright, of Crist Chiropractic, credits spinal decompression therapy as an effective alternative to invasive back surgeries, with which his mother dealt.

“Spinal decompression therapy is a cutting edge non-surgical treatment for management of pain associated with disc injuries,” says Dr. Wright. “And what better month to promote decompression therapy than Pain Awareness Month. My mother started having back surgeries when I was in seventh grade and has now had 12 spine surgeries! If I could go back in time and suggest the non-surgical route for her, I would in a heartbeat.”

Unlike Dr. Wright’s mother, today’s sufferers can effectively treat their pain before having to face surgery. Many of Crist Chiropractic’s spinal decompression
patients have had excellent results and were able to relieve their shooting pain, numbness and tingling caused by herniated or degenerated discs. According to Dr. Wright, bulging, herniated or compressed discs often trigger pain and cause nerve interference that can greatly diminish quality of life. Spinal decompression therapy uses cutting edge technology to gently stretch the spine, creating space for compressed spinal discs to absorb vital nutrients.

“It is our goal to help as many people resume their happy, healthy lives that have been put on hold because of pain,” says Dr. Wright.

During spinal decompression therapy, patients are comfortably secured to a cushioned table. The computer controlled tables then gently separate to stretch the spine for between 15 to 20 minutes. According to Dr. Wright, the treatments are relaxing and many patients take a quick nap. Schedule an appointment for National Pain Awareness Month at Crist Chiropractic to see if you qualify for spinal decompression. Just schedule here and book a “September Spinal Decompression Special” appointment. The appointment includes a consultation with Dr. Wright or Dr. Crist, an examination, necessary x-rays and report of findings. Candidates for spinal decompression therapy will also receive their first decompression treatment.

To learn more about spinal decompression, please see our Free Spinal Decompression Report PDF.

In good health,

Dr. Jason Crist

Dr. Jason Crist

Crist Chiropractic & Wellness exists to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health through natural and holistic means. Our team is committed to restoring the body’s ability to express its true health potential. We strive to serve our patients and our community with a spirit of complete caring, by radiating health and promoting well-being.