Degenerative Joint Disease

Successfully treating back pain begins with an accurate diagnosis for developing the most effective treatment plan possible. By investigating your medical history, analyzing symptoms and applying advanced chiropractic techniques for correctly assessing and treating back pain, Dr. Crist will determine whether you are suffering from degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis).

Dr. Crist frequently diagnoses osteoarthritis in patients over 40 who complain of lower back pain or changes within the spine joints caused by degenerative forces that destabilize spinal structures. Slippage of vertebrae caused by osteoarthritis increases pressure on deteriorated intradiscal tissue responsible for preventing vertebrae from scraping against each other. Physically active individuals tend to be vulnerable to experiencing degenerative joint disease due to the amount of repetitive stress placed on the lumbar region of the back.

Degenerative Joint Disease Treatment

Degenerative joint disease due to osteoarthritis is also called spondylosis. Symptoms of spondylosis, or DJD, include loss of spine flexibility, worsened stiffness upon arising from bed or after sitting for lengthy periods, chronic back pain and radiating pain throughout the lower back. If you suffer from cervical (neck) spondylosis, you may feel pain radiating from your neck into your shoulders and arms. Development of bone spurs is another possibility that can exacerbate the compression of nerves and worsen pain.

Chiropractic care for degenerative joint disease involves Dr. Crist applying symptom-specific chiropractic techniques to accurately assess and treat back pain resulting from DJD and osteoarthritis. One of the best methods for providing rapid relief of DJD pain is spinal decompression therapy, a noninvasive treatment requiring no downtime or medication.

Spinal decompression therapy works by reversing gravity within your spine using a computer-controlled table that moves you slowly into positions that relieve pressure on spinal nerves. When disc and joint degeneration caused by osteoarthritis weakens cartilage and outer fibers of vertebrae discs, damaged discs may bulge outward and press against nerves. This also forces discs to lose their ability to cushion bony vertebrae properly, as the space between vertebrae decreases. Nerve compression and pinched nerves produce painful muscle spasms, inflammation and radiating pain indicative of DJD.

In addition, weakened joint mechanics within the spine interfere with the ability of the circulatory system to supply nutritional oxygen and fresh blood to discs. When your spine does not receive sufficient nourishment, the exterior of vertebrae discs degenerate even more rapidly, accelerating the progressiveness of spinal osteoarthritis. Noninvasive spinal decompression therapy is especially designed to restore the normal flow of nutritional fluids to your spine while also eliminating the pain of compressed nerves that extend from your spine into all areas of your body.

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