Car accidents are the number one cause of injury in the United States. Depending on the circumstances of the car accident, they can cause a variety of different injuries to the body. Consulting a chiropractor after a car accident is the best way to receive proper treatment of your spine.

Although some car accidents cause injuries that are noticeable immediately, it is also common to not feel the side effects of a car accident until a day or two after the accident. As the result of trauma for a car accident, the human body produces hormones called endorphins that will instantly act as painkillers. This is why people often disregard neck or back pain right after a car accident. You should seek medical attention immediately, even if you cannot yet feel any pain.

Even the most minor car accidents can have a lifetime effect on the spine. If the effects of auto accident injuries go untreated, they can induce long-term pain. It is important to get your spine checked after a car accident so you can have a better understanding of the type of treatment you will need.  Chiropractic care is essential to maintaining the health of a spine that has been through trauma. A chiropractor can relieve your pain, adjust and realign your spine, and offer advice for at-home exercises, nutrition, and additional wellness techniques.

If you have been injured in an auto accident and are seeking chiropractic care for your neck and back pain, we can help you. At Crist Chiropractic, we offer accident and injury chiropractic care that can lead you on the path of a happy and healthy recovery while minimizing your neck and back pain. Dr. Jason Crist has been treating patients who have been involved in auto accidents for over 15 years and will work toward making sure your injury and pain will be reduced through experienced and effective chiropractic care.


Car Accident Injury Care Frequently Asked Questions:

So, should I still be checked out if my car suffered only minor damage?

According to several studies, you should absolutely still be examined by a qualified physician, such as a chiropractor following a car accident.   In fact, the Journal of Brain Injury published a study authored by Dr. Charles Carroll and Dr. Paul McAtee that concluded the following: “The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (neck) of the occupants.”  In other words, even “minor” accidents are enough to cause significant injury to the spines of accident occupants.  Even in cases where there may be little to no pain experienced by the patient, there is often notable misalignment or other damage to spinal structures.

I’ve been examined at the emergency room and by my primary care doctor.  Should I still consult with a chiropractor?

Different types of physicians specialize in various types of fields of healthcare.  You need a physician with extensive knowledge of auto accident injuries to provide you with the feedback you need.  Auto accident specialists perform examinations that are different from other healthcare providers, and they view x-rays differently, as well.  While it can be comforting to know that the ER released you from their facility, it does not necessarily mean that you have a condition that can be ignored.  Doing so can set you up for much more severe problems in the future.  The only way that you can be sure you are ok after an accident to set up a consult with an auto accident specialist, such as a chiropractor.

If the doctor recommends chiropractic care will I have to pay for it?

Most auto accident insurance will cover the complete cost of care required after an auto injury.  Crist Chiropractic & Wellness has a patient advocate that will answer any questions that you may have.

I have been getting calls from the insurance company, and they are urging me to settle now.  What should I do?

Do not settle your claim prior to consulting with your car accident specialist first.  Doing so will likely cause you to be stuck paying for the cost of your care out of your own pocket.