Dr. Brendan Wright, DC
Dr. Brendan Wright Cool Springs TN Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Brendan Wright:

Dr. Brendan Wright is a Nashville native and 21-year veteran in the chiropractic profession. In fact, he has practiced almost that entire time in Williamson County.

As a baseball catcher and wrestler for many years, he began to feel some very negative effects on his body, fairly early in life. His parents began to take him to their family chiropractor at age 11 and that doctor was able to keep Brendan literally “in the games” that he loved for many more years. As a result, Brendan decided in 8th grade that he too would become a chiropractor, so that he could help others live their lives to the fullest too.

Dr. Wright went to David Lipscomb from 1st grade through college and therefore is what is commonly known as a “Lipscomb Lifer.” After graduating college with honors, he then moved to St. Louis where he attended Logan University to obtain the professional designation of Doctor of Chiropractic. After again graduating in the top of his class, Dr. Wright returned to Middle Tennessee where he has practiced ever since.

Dr. Wright is married to his beautiful wife, Erin. They have 3 children. Dylan is 16, Charli is 15 and Asher is 5. All of their kids have been lifelong chiropractic patients. In fact, you may have even witnessed Asher’s first adjustment, ( within hours of being born ), on the TLC show, “Baby’s First Day”.

Dr. Wright truly believes that he is fulfilling his purpose in life, by helping as many people as he can to realize what optimal health is really about, through chiropractic. He has had hundreds of hours of postgraduate training in orthopedics, neurology, radiology, and auto accident injury care. However, the one thing that Dr. Wright is most well versed in, other than simply being a Doctor of Chiropractic, is non-surgical spinal decompression. This treatment can be a lifesaver for anyone experiencing disc herniations, sciatica, arm and leg numbness or weakness and other similar agonizing symptoms. Please, feel free to ask Dr. Wright any questions you may have, in order to determine if you could benefit from decompression.

Dr. Wright has always admired Dr. Crist and is extremely excited to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with him, hopefully, for many years to come.

Dr. Wright’s Hours

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