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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve the community in ways that powerfully impact their health and overall vitality. Our knowledge of how chiropractic care facilitates the healing of our bodies is what drives our passion to change lives. Therefore, we remain steadfast in our commitment to reach as much of the community as possible so that they can experience restored function, freedom from pain, and a renewed vitality to live the life they deserve.

At Crist Chiropractic, we believe in providing solutions that not only positively affect your short term comfort, but provide lasting solutions for your long term heath as well.  We understand that regardless of age, gender, or activity level pain can affect anyone. Therefore, we continue to be committed to individualized treatments that aim to get your pain healed, not just hidden.  Short term pain relief, injury relief, and chronic relief from pain are just some of the services that we offer, and we are committed to restoring normal function of the spine so that the body can perform at its highest level.

From your first visit with us you’ll feel right at home with our welcoming and friendly staff.  Our chiropractor, Dr. Jason Crist, has years of experience service the residents of Cool Springs since 1999, and is committed to the health and wellness goals of each one of our clients.  When patients are under care at our office we don’t take for granted the trust that they’ve placed in us. So, when patients seek our help with neck or back pain, headaches or a wide array of health concerns or conditions, we take time to complete a thorough examination, any necessary x-rays, and provide individualized treatments.

Visiting a chiropractor for the first time can sometimes be a stressful situation.  We work hard to relieve any tension and uncertainty that our patients may be experiencing.  First steps for a new visitor can be found here on our website, and our dedicated team are always happy to walk new patients through their first visits and everything that they can expect.  We are committed to providing warm and welcoming service to ease any doubts.

Whether you’re having neck, back, or muscular pain, or are experiencing chronic pain from a work, auto, or sports related injury, we have the experience to treat your pain and improve your daily life.  Give us a call at (615) 771-0022 to learn more about our services and dedication to your wellness.

We’re Here to Get You Healthy!

• Spine Anatomy

• Low Back Pain

• Neck Pain

• Herniated Disc

• Spinal Stenosis

• Lumbar Radiculopathy


• Facet Syndrome

• Sacoiliac Dysfunction

• Sports Injuries

• Work Injuries

• Other Joint Problems

• Myofascial/Muscle Pain

• Occipital Neuralgia

• Arthritis

• Post Surgical Pain

• Shoulder/Hip/Knee Problems

• Shingles/Post-Herpetic Neuralgia

• Fibromyalgia

• Neuropathic (Nerve) Pain

• Carpal Tunnel

• Epicondylitis

• De Quervain’s

• Chronic Abdominal Pain

• Headaches

• Diabetic Neuropathy

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